We use human and social sciences to guide companies, brands, services and technologies to become the most valuable in their world. 

We do this by helping leaders first make sense about the changing culture, ethics, technologies and markets – and then make consistenly better decisions that lead to transformative growth and impact at scale.


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Our unique skillset combines the competencies of social sciences, business strategy, cultural and technological foresight, and strategic design.

We take you by the hand when you lack a shared purpose, want to combine growth with positive impact, need to create more value with your customers and stakeholders, or have to ensure that everything you do is ethical.

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We have created IMPACT OS, an operating system for impact-driven work that helps you lead the change throughout your organization. It is a powerful approach for transformation that works on the three levels of purpose, strategies, and culture, and is based on latest social science, management research, and our lessons with dozens of impact-driven, best performing companies.

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