An operating system for good growth.


In the past five years, we have asked hundreds of business, design, and engineering leaders the most important questions, such as “How can you ensure that your technologies, services, and products create positive impact? How can you deliver more value with your customers? How can you engage everyone and align work according to a shared mission?

The answers – as well as our own global research and a vast number of projects with clients  – all point to the same conclusion: There is an urgent need for updated tools for good growth, and a major opportunity to redesign today's organizational operating systems for rapid growth and impact at scale. This is why we created IMPACT OS, an upgraded operating system for work and value creation in today’s world. 



IMPACT OS consists of three interlinked layers that together align organizations, teams and individuals for impact at scale: Impact Purpose, Impact Strategies, and Impact Culture.


Impact organizations embody a conscious way of being in the world. They are devoted to an audacious and shared Impact Purpose––a real commitment to achieve well-defined, measurable, and significant impact in the world.

Impact Purpose is based on solid foresight. It recognizes the real effects of organization’s actions on all stakeholders, now and in future. In addition, Impact Purpose tells the story of why the organization exists and what it stands for in the minds of all the participants. It expresses the philosophy and rationale behind the brand and is highly strategic in helping align all work for a common goal.


Impact Organizations think strategy as constantly evolving bets they make to fulfill their purpose, on the level of both company and product strategy. Well-defined impact strategies are deliberate choices and trade-offs looked through the lenses of purpose, profit, and ethics. They help define the right customer model, value creation model, impact model, business model, brand model, and partnership model. The strategic bets are designed to drive aligned outcomes in all decisions as organization traverses the new landscapes it happens to encounter.


Impact Organizations have designed and cultivated a work culture that is based on the key values and behaviors of high-performing and impact-driven work. The six essential ‘first principles’ define how organizations stay aligned, make decisions, work together, treat people, share information, and create rhythms for work. These can be designed and fostered with right goal setting systems such as OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), inspiring culture guides, and practical playbooks that help people work better and strive for impact. 


We have created the Impact Pathfinder, a survey that helps you understand how your work culture demonstrates the six essential values and behaviors of Impact Organizations. It is a simple tool with 36 questions that can quickly identify the existing strengths and important areas of improvement in your organization.

In addition, the survey can probe ideas, opinions and directions for designing a shared purpose and aligned strategies for lasting change.

The Impact Pathfinder provides a detailed snapshot of your organization and work culture that allows us to create the right narratives for change and design the experiments for better ways of working and value creation.


When we know what works in your organization, we can bettter co-create the purpose, strategies, and cultural guides that will accelerate your organization’s capabilities for both growth and impact.

We help you redesign the key elements of your organization in lean strategy projects that deliver tangible outcomes, including a shared purpose and change narrative, a sound strategy with a detailed action plan, a culture guide and a playbook for new ways of working, or an ethics framework for design and tech development.

We also create suitable learning journeys that help your teams own and lead the change. As a result, your whole staff and stakeholders will become equipped with the new mindset, skills and tools that will increase the performance, well-being and overall impact, both inside and outside of your organization.