Infinite Organization – an operating system for 21st century work


In the past three years, we have asked hundreds of leaders the most important questions, such as “How can you ensure your organization succeeds in the exponential era? How can you engage everyone and align work according to a shared mission? How can you deliver more value with your customers? How can you combine growth with positive impact?

The answers – as well as our global research and a vast number of leading studies on progressive ways of working – point to the same direction.  We have dubbed this as the Infinite Organization model for designing tomorrow’s thriving organizations.


Infinite Orgs stand out from the rest in two essential ways. First, they have defined themselves an audacious purpose – one that embraces an infinite time horizon and an understanding of the real effects of organization’s actions on all stakeholders.

Second, they have built an organizational operating system that makes them aligned with their purpose, responsive to the changing conditions, highly cooperative across the organization, inclusive and humane, open and transparent, as well as orchestrated through daily, weekly and monthly rhythms. These are the six essential habits of Infinite Orgs.


Organization change is behavioral change. It requires adjusting the daily habits of work, social structures that support the right habits, clear strategies that guide all decisions, and inspiring purpose that provides the reason for everything you do.
PURPOSE is the reason why you exist and what you stand for in the minds of your employees, customers, partners, investors and all the rest. A shared purpose will express the philosophy behind everything you do and aligns all work for a common goal.

STRATEGIES are the bets you are making to fulfill your purpose. Well-defined strategies are deliberate choices and trade-offs that help drive aligned outcomes in decisions as you traverse whatever landscape you happen to encounter.

STRUCTURES are the management methodologies (such as OKRs – Objectives and Key Results), narratives, processes, and technologies that guide behavior and enable desired habits. When we co-create the ideal structures for change, new habits will make strides in your organization.

HABITS are the less conscious and more automatic everyday actions that drive change in the organization. When we redesign the habits they will slowly build on top of themselves and over time result in significant change.


We created the Pathfinder survey to help you understand how your work culture demonstrates the six essential habits of Infinite Organizations. It is a simple tool with 36 questions that can quickly identify the existing strengths and important areas of improvement in your organization.

In addition, the survey can probe ideas, opinions and direction for designing a shared purpose, aligned strategies, and structures for lasting change.

The Pathfinder provides a detailed snapshot of your organization and work culture that allows us to create the right narratives for change and design the experiments for new ways of working.

After we know what works in your organization, we will co-create a living document that shows the ways for developing your organization.

The result is the Infinite Organization Workbook that acts as a foundation for your organizational operating system and can help equip your whole staff with the new mindset, skills and tools for change.

Let’s talk how we can help you find your greatness.