Infinite Organization – an operating system for 21st century work


The rate of change of the so-called exponential age presents companies both an opportunity and an imperative for continuous evolution.

Tomorrow's winners are progressive Infinite Organizations that operate in a responsive, cooperative, inclusive, open, and well-orchestrated way, and let their purpose guide everything they do.

These organizations empower everyone to find their greatness and do their best work, maximize their positive impact and develop capabilities to prosper over time.


Organization change is behavioral change.
It requires iterative adjustments of daily microhabits of work and social structures that support the habits. 

Microhabits are everyday actions that require minimal motivation and effort. When we redesign the microhabits they will slowly build on top of themselves and over time result in significant change.

Structures are the inspiring and supporting narratives, incentives, processes, and technologies that enable people to change their habits. When we co-create the ideal conditions for change, the new habits will make strides in your organization.


Based on latest social science and management research, and the lessons with dozens of best performing companies, we have identified six types of habits that allow a company achieve its full potential.

We created a Pathfinder survey to help you understand how your work culture demonstrates these essential behaviors. It is a simple tool with 36 questions that can quickly identify the existing strengths and important areas of improvement in your organization.

In addition, the survey can probe ideas, opinions and direction for designing a shared purpose, aligning strategies and enabling structures for lasting change.

The Pathfinder provides a detailed snapshot of your organization and work culture. This allows us to create the narratives for change and design the experiments for new ways of working, on the levels of habits, structures,  strategies and purpose.

After we know what works, we co-create a living document that shows the way for developing your organization. The results is the Infinite Organization Workbook that acts as a foundation for your organizational operating system and helps equip your whole staff with the new mindset, skills and tools for change.

Let’s talk how we can help you find your greatness!