We help leaders, teams and organizations redefine powerful purposes, redesign transformative growth strategies, and reimagine truly meaningful offerings.

Today’s rate of cultural, technological and environmental change presents companies an imperative for continuous evolution and episodic transformation. But often the new ideas and models for creating value don't work as imagined when they face the real world. This is why so many promising products, brands, and businesses don’t meet their expectations or eventually fail in the market.

Our approach allows companies to navigate new territories and make informed decisions that lead to transformative growth and impact at scale. This is done by combining advanced business strategy with applied human science that integrates methods from social psychology, design anthropology, behavioral economics, political philosophy, practical ethics, and strategic foresight.

We get the human quirks, unlock behavioral patterns, untangle the lived experience, identify things that change lives, capture the essence of the everyday, comprehend the tones of tribes, interpret connected cultural phenomena, explicate contextual ethics, and clarify the shifts in society. The deep understanding of what matters is then translated into transformative opportunities and strategic paths for good growth and positive impact.

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We help you open new markets and set forth paths for growth and impact.

Strategies are the bets you are making to fulfill your purpose and realize your growth and impact potential. Effective strategies are based on in-depth understanding of what is valuable in people’s lives––and well-designed alignment between your business, brand, offering, and organization so you can create that value. We help you identify your transformative growth opportunity with redefined markets, key customer groups, core value propositions, relevant meanings, desired offerings and required value systems. At the same time, the human insights make sure the strategies manage the social and ethical risks.

The outcomes include a clear narrative for change, a smart and living decision-making system that drives aligned outcomes in all key decisions, and indicators to track change. In addition, we support companies to put the strategies into action by designing new models, experiments and activities that set the organization in motion and help your teams own and lead the change.

We help you with:

  • Creating a living corporate and business strategy for transformational growth.    
  • Building a brand strategy for reaching new markets and connecting with customers.
  • Creating a digital strategy for business transformation, including AI implementation.
  • Developing a design strategy for new portfolio, categories, services, and products.

We help you define a future-proofed purpose and create a vision for a changing world.

Purpose defines the reason why you exist and describes what will happen because of you, now and in the future. A sound purpose is based on solid strategic foresight and deep cultural insight, reflecting the actual impact that your actions will have on all participants. We help top executives and leadership teams envision a future direction for their companies, and marketing teams reimagine a powerful purpose to drive their brands.

When the story and its meanings resonate just right with the world, the purpose generates an inspired movement both inside and outside the organization. Internally, the purpose works as a long-term direction for all key decision-making. It is never just a catchy tagline, but a real change narrative toward significant growth and impact that sets the organization on a new path.

We help you with:

  • Defining a company purpose and strategic direction for future growth and impact.
  • Uncovering a meaningful brand purpose that resonates with the key audience.
  • Creating a long-term vision for value creation and business transformation.
  • Developing strategic foresight and future scenarios for a deep understanding of change.


We help you immerse into the worlds of people to create and do things that matter most.

The companies that learn faster than others are the ones succeeding in the increasingly complex and uncertain markets. The ability to understand the entangled worlds of culture, technology, politics, finance and environment––and how they shape the everyday lives, values, behaviors and aspirations of people––is what keeps companies immensely meaningful and ahead of change.

We specialize in applied human science that integrates the methods from social psychology, design anthropology, behavioral economics, political philosophy, applied ethics and strategic foresight. Our expertise is profound across creative knowledge industries and with new scalable technologies––thus we work a lot with tech companies, service companies, creative FMCG companies and cultural institutions, as well as with topics including AI, platforms, digital services and decentralized tech.

We help you with:

  • Identifying the value propositions and markets for products and services.
  • Building the right product and service portfolio.
  • Defining brand promise, core meanings and key messages.
  • Creating ethics principles and guides for design and engineering.
  • Uncovering new horizons for technology innovation.